Artemis returned from bug-hunting (1.2)

(see what I did up there?)

Hi everyone!

it was about time for one of our first product/business themes, Artemis to get a little better too.

Just like the theme updates released in the past few days, it got its backbone updated, and brought a new feature to the table. Per post color schemes. That’s right, from now on, each post/page can use its own color scheme, as long as a .css file is in the /colors/ folder. That simple!

More or less, these are the main points of the update:

  • Supports WordPress >= 3.3.3
  • Internationalization got better by fixing a few strings, and giving all gettext calls a string domain. Language files were also updated.
  • Scripts and styles are all now properly enqueued instead of hard-coded on the header/footer.
  • Full child-theme support.
  • Per post color scheme selection.

What are you waiting for? Keep a backup (we don’t have to repeat ourselves, do we?), download the newest Artemis version and give it a try.

If we did things right, you will not notice anything different.

Let us know if anything isn’t as it should.

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