Six for sixteen

Happy new year!

2016 finds us deprecating 6 of our older themes, to make way for the new ones. Some more popular than others, but all treated equally by us and serving our customers with our top-notch support as usual, it’s time for them to go.

The reasons for retiring a theme are not always the same, but then again, it’s never just one reason. WordPress evolves and so are we, making features implemented back in the day seem like child’s play compared to our current abilities. Fashion affects websites too, and design trends of yesterday are big no-no’s of today. No matter the reason, we always try to come up with ways to update our themes and be as modern as possible, however this isn’t always possible without breaking things or keeping the original character of the theme. Sometimes we just need to let things go.

So, with great sadness (for seeing them go) and great joy alike (for opening up new opportunities), here’s the list of themes that are now deprecated:

  1. Me – A personal vCard theme
  2. Mobilee – App showcase theme
  3. Stereo – Music theme
  4. Hartee – Tumblr-style theme
  5. Klou – Portfolio theme
  6. Lucullan – Bar and Restaurant theme

All themes received an update with the latest changes on our codebase, to ensure compatibility with WordPress v4.4

Before the themes’ End Of Live is reached (one year from today), limited support will be provided covering theme bugs applicable to the current version of WordPress (v4.4). Users are advised to plan and schedule a theme switch within that period.

P.S. The number of themes deprecated is just a coincident. It doesn’t mean we will deprecate 7 themes next year… although we just as well might. Can’t know for sure until the time arrives :)

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