Socials Ignited: A free plugin

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Socials Ignited WordPress plugin

As you may have read on the plugin’s original page, it has been renamed to avoid confusion with the good fellas from the Social Igniter project. Apart from the changed name, this plugin got an extra icon set in two color schemes. Existing CSSIgniter themes’ users will immediately recognize these icons, as they are the ones used by the themes themselves (themes will no further include the Social widget).

Other than that, the plugin really remains the same. Heck, even the instruction bellow are almost unchanged!

Installation (Less than one minute)

Grab the zip file and go to Plugins > Add new. Upload and activate. Go to Settings > Socials Ignited and fill in the social profiles that you want. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the “-= CI Socials Ignited =-” widget in one of your sidebars. Set the title, select the icon set, select the icon size (32×32, 48×48 or 64×64). Done! You can see it in action on the right sidebar => !

Available icons

We will be updating this widget from time to time but for now we have 54 social icons available:

AddThis, Amazon, Amazon (alternative), Apple, Apple (alternative), Blogger, Behance, Delicious, Design Float, Design Bump, DeviantArt, Digg, Dopplr, Dribbble, Email, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Forrst, FriendFeed, GitHub, GitHub (alternative), Google+, Grooveshark, Gtalk, Instagram, LastFM, LinkedIn, MySpace, Netvibes, Newsvine, Orkut, Paypal, Picasa, Pinterest, Posterous, Reddit, RSS, ShareThis, Skype, SoundCloud, Spotify, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Tumblr, Twitter, Twitter (alternative), Viddler, Vimeo, Virb, Virb (alternative), Yahoo, Yahoo (alternative), YouTube, YouTube (alternative), Windows, WordPress, Zerply.

Icons are available in the following sizes: 32×32, 48×48 and 64×64, depending on the icon set.


Icons designed by the all mighty Helen of course

10 thoughts on “Socials Ignited: A free plugin

  1. I really like this widget, but there is one thing: it doesn’t use css sprites, which slows down the performance of the website =/
    Are you making an update?

    • Hi Ben,
      thanks for your feedback.
      Actually, we don’t plan on using sprites, as it would make the plugin virtually impossible for beginners to customize.
      Also, usually only 2-4 icons are used by most users (plus they are pretty small and cachable) so it wouldn’t provide a significant increase in performance.
      Hope this isn’t too much of a turn-off :)

    • Unfortunately a shortcode isn’t provided.
      We may consider adding one in the future though.

      Until then, you can probably get the results you want by using a plugin, such as amr shortcode any widget or something similar.

      Hope this helps.

  2. This plugin is pretty good, but am unable to increase the size after changing the size it still comes very small and i want it a little bigger. Kindly help me

    • Hi there,
      are you using the latest version?
      Also, is there a URL I could take a look at? Most probably there is some external CSS interfering.

      • it is still hosted in my localhost, but i downloaded the plugin yesterday so i guess is the latest version. But am using one of your theme called penelope which i have modify with you help. its just that the icon size is too small, if there is a way i could send you a snapshot of it.

        • Actually, I’ll need to look at the generated html/css code in order to determine the exact cause (and solution). Unfortunately a screenshot won’t just do it.
          Let’s try to find out a few things though…
          1) Are you using the Font widget? or the depracated (image) one?
          2) Does changing the icon size from within the widget has any effect whatsoever?
          3) Have you tried disabling you plugins (except socials ignited of course) and enabling them one-by-one? If not, please do so, as some plugin’s CSS might be interfering with the widget.

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